Baffoe: Trestman May Be Forced To Gamble Sunday

CBS Chicago

By Tim Baffoe-

(CBS) On a warm winter’s evening on a train bound for Philly, I met up with the gambler…

I don’t know if Bears head coach Marc Trestman is a fan of Kenny Rogers or his song “The Gambler.” When it comes to Trestman’s hair, he seems unsure about knowing when to fold ‘em, at least.

But Bears fans have certainly come to know the first year conductor as a one who is willing to take risks. He has shown his “Tresticles” (copyright Jay Zawaski) on fourth downs this year, choosing more than once between two possible starting quarterbacks, and calling for a field goal to be kicked on second down and 47 yards away, just to name a few. He has lost big on bets that were seemingly sure things, and he’s gone all Cool Hand Luke on us for surprising wins.


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