So You Got the Stomach Flu

Rhetoric for Breakfast

The last couple of days around my house were certainly eventful ones. At least, they were if you allow “eventful” to also mean “not a lot of stuff actually happens”. See, on Monday, HawtWife got stricken with the stomach flu. This lasted until right around midnight, when the bug decided to jump from her to me. Thankfully, Nugget seems to be avoiding this, so we’re hopefully past it, as long as we disinfect the entire house.

See, the way that this particular bug worked through our household was that it started with hours of nausea, complete with more trips to visit the porcelain throne than one would expect. I made a terrible mistake at one point in the night of my initial symptoms, thinking that I would be safe drinking water, because, well, I was clearly starting to get dehydrated. I soon regretted this, as the water didn’t last in…

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