SteamOS Is Finally Available, but You Should Probably Wait


Look, I know you want to play with it, because it’s free, and it’s Steam, and it emblematizes everyone’s favorite underdog (Linux!), and it’s almost Christmas so you want to give yourself a gift that’ll keep on giving, but, and I emphasize the but, this first of probably many, many releases isn’t for you.

By you, I mean someone more or less like me: longtime serious gamer, occasional Linux fiddler, but generally speaking, someone whose time is too hyper-allocated to tinker for the sake of tinkering. That’s what it’ll take to get the beta, capital B, version of SteamOS Valve just released tonight up and running. And okay, let’s say you do — because hey, if all it takes is a little upfront sweat, why not? — Valve says it’ll only drop future bug-squashed and better compatible versions of SteamOS every few months, whereas beta testers will get those updates…

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