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White Water Kayaking and RaftingThe path of least resistance offers little in return for navigating it successfully. It is for that reason we steer purposely into the roughest waters possible. As that’s the only place to find anything of value, that being simply a challenge. –Damien S. Wilhelmi

Winter is upon us and like most other outdoor enthusiasts generally do this time of year, I am enjoying the cold weather as best I can. Snowboarding, snowshoeing, and making the oh-so infamous snow angel wherever the imprint seems suitable. However, no matter how much I am able to enjoy the snow my mind always wanders toward the coming spring. When the snow melts, the rivers rage, and I can set my raft in to huck a little rubber over their rolling and rambunctious rapids.

But as year after year has taught me, not everyone shares this rafting enthusiasm and it seems to be due to…

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