OMG: Adults Far More Likely Than Teens To Use Phones, Text While Driving

CBS Philly

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – OMG: Mom and Dad might be texting while driving way more often than their kids, new research shows.

The report, done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, reveals that adult drivers are by far the likeliest age group to admit to using their phone while driving.

According to AAA, 82% of adults ages 25-39 reported using their phone while driving, with 43% copping to using it fairly often or regularly while behind the wheel.

And 72% of those between 40-59 said they also use their phone while driving, tied with the percentage of those between 19-24 that admitted to doing so.

Fifty-eight-percent of teens, on the other hand, said they use their phone while driving, and only 7% admitted to sending texts.

Adults 60 and older were the least likely to report using their cell phones while driving.

“It’s noteworthy that…

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