X-ray technology to reveal secrets of ‘unreadable’ 15th century scroll

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3D X-ray technology to reveal secrets of ‘unreadable’ 15th century scroll

Published December 03, 2013
  • 15-century-manuscript.jpg

    The Bressingham roll. (NORFOLK RECORD OFFICE)

  • unrolled-most.jpg

    The Bressingham Roll as unrolled as possible. The section to the right of the image is stuck together. (NORFOLK RECORD OFFICE)

For decades, a 15th century Norfolk, England scroll was believed to be forever unreadable. The water-damaged parchment from Bressingham Manor was thought to be too fragile to be opened and read without causing the scroll to disintegrate.

Now using 3D X-ray technology typically used in dentistry, the scroll is set to be read virtually.

“Having the chance to unlock a part of Norfolk history which has been closed to us for maybe hundreds of years feels very special,” Gary Tuson from the Norfolk Records Office (NRO) told the BBC.

The X-ray system scanned the scroll and created approximately 40,000 images which when pieced together will reveal the text.

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