Hey 300 Steam Machine Beta Winners, Valve’s Shipping Your Systems on Friday


Exactly 300 people who might chance on this story have reason to care about its content, while the rest of us have to peruse it with envy, like all those kids outside the Chocolate Factory gates who didn’t win a golden ticket.

But for you lucky, lucky 300, Valve just announced it’s shipping Steam Machines and Steam Controllers (those funky looking no-joystick gamepads that might, emphasis might, just revolutionize living room-slash-PC gaming) to all 300 selected beta testers this Friday, December 13. That photo up top is from Valve’s production line.

But wait, did Valve announce which 300 won the lottery? Not yet: Valve says it’s going to notify recipients at around 5pm ET today (fingernails out of mouths, people). If you happen to see a friend sporting an online “beta participant” Steam badge by week’s end, you’ve stumbled on one of the fortunate few. That, and Valve says…

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