Beer Floods Framingham Brewery After Gasket Fails

CBS Boston

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FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – There’s about to be a shortage of a popular brew made by a local craft beer company after a costly malfunction at a brewery in Framingham.

Jack’s Abby Brewing Company reported on Wednesday that a gasket failed on a full tank of their Jabby Brau, a year-round pilsner that the company sells.

Video originally posted on the brewery’s Facebook page shows a flood of suds streaming from a large tank onto the brewery floor.

Co-owner Jack Hendler says crews filled the tank on Wednesday with 1,500 gallons of beer, which equates to about 700 cases. The gasket gave out sometime overnight. The entire batch was lost.

WBZ’s New England Business spoke with Jack Hendler

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“When we came in the morning, we came into a mess,” he told CBS Boston…

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