Stigall Show Log 12.4.13

CBS Philly

6:11- Chris is looking forward to the “hard-hitting” interview that Chris Matthews is set to have with President Obama.

6:40-Chris’ favorite Phillie, Erik “Kratz Bat Fever” Kratz, has been traded to the Toronto Blue Jays.

6:46- Ed Rendell says that the ObamaCare rollout is the worst management failure of any Democratic president.

7:11- There are a number of security issues with including being able to have your computer hacked through the website.

7:40- Chris discusses him decorating the Stigall christmas tree last night.

7:47- Pennsylvania State Rep. Stephen Bloom proposes that all Liquor Control Board ads come with a disclaimer.

8:10- Philly Magazine editor, Tom McGrath, talks with Chris about Cole Hamels’ recent article that had him say, “You Have to Know When to Start Over”, and the “Knock-out” game, among others.

8:25- Chris is joined in studio with the Piazza Pet of the Week, a beagle by the…

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