Poll: What Word Should Be Banished in 2014?


In recent years, TIME has polled the public on an important question: What word or phrase would you like to banish from the vocabularies of everyone, everywhere, until the universe collapses upon itself and all is dust?

After 2011 wrapped up, readers voted to blacklist OMG. As 2012 drew to a close, YOLOtopped the list of things people wanted to never hear again. And now, in the final days of 2013, it is again time to air linguistic grievances.

Read the curmudgeonly descriptions below and see which one best suits your personal peeves. Cast your vote in our poll, pass it around, and we’ll announce a winner next Wednesday—to be banished forthwith!

awesome sauce (int.): If a 12-year-old is eating mind-blowing marinara, let him call it “awesome sauce.” But, when it comes to generally expressing excitement, you think adults can do it in a way that seems less…

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