Nigella Lawson Denies Drug Use


Celebrity TV chef Nigella Lawson admitted Wednesday that she has used cocaine twice, after saying earlier in the day that her ex-husband’s allegations she has a drug habit are “false” and that he is trying to “destroy” her.

Lawson, speaking in the fraud trial of the ex-couple’s two former personal assistants, said that an email from ex-husband Charles Saatchi describing Lawson as “off her head on drugs” was completely off-base, and although she has used cocaine twice she is not an addict, BBC reports.

The email was brought up as evidence against the former personal assistants, who are charged with misusing funds and charging over 400,000 British pounds — or about $655,000 — of luxury items to Saatchi’s credit card. The assistants claim Lawson allowed them to use the credit cards in return for keeping her drug use a secret.

Lawson and Saatchi made headlines this summer with a…

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