Keller @ Large: Menino Only Wanted To Be Boston’s Mayor

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Normally, when they have one of their excellent panel discussions down at the Kennedy Library, it’s about something weighty and historic – the Kennedys, war, peace, or the Kennedys.

Listen to Jon’s commentary

[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”normal” download=”true” name=”Keller @ Large: Menino Only Wanted To Be Boston’s Mayor” artist=”Jon Keller”]

But last night, they apparently outdid themselves with a conversation about a really interesting topic: Tom Menino.

I wasn’t able to make it but was following the Tweets of some who were there. There were a lot of nice things being said about Menino, who is going out in style with a prolonged farewell tour that rivals the one Mariano Rivera just took.

But one of them jumped out at me. A panelist said of Menino: he “wanted to be mayor of the city of Boston. He wasn’t using the office to run for anything else.”

This gets…

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