I-Team: Herbal Supplement Warning

CBS Philly

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By Charlotte Huffman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A warning tonight about a supplement that claims to relieve pain.

Unfortunately, experts say it can be dangerous.

The supplement is an herb called Kratom, and it is related to the coffee plant.

It comes in capsules, powder or liquid, and it’s marketed to help relieve pain.

But the herb’s powerful high is what has people talking across the country.

YouTube videos show young people using Kratom and describing the mood-altering high they get from it.

Now, the government has major concerns about Kratom, which is not approved or controlled by the Federal Drug Administration.

In fact, the Drug Enforcement Administration recently placed Kratom on what it calls its list of “drugs of concern.”

With names like “Kratomite” and “Superior Red Dragon,” people use it for a quick and easy opium-like high.

It’s cheap, easily accessible and legal.


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