10 Reasons I’d Pick the Wii U over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Today


This could have been Nintendo’s year — should have been Nintendo’s year.

And in a sense, it was Nintendo’s year, though it took some doing to get here. No one was supposed to buy the company’s shiny aqua-blue or whatchamacallit-black 3DS when it arrived back in February 2011 with a clamshell thud. Handheld gaming was doomed, proclaimed analysts like smug armchair oracles. Who’d want a bulky plastic pocket-brick that played games and games alone when they could play on their slender all-in-one smartphone — a device on which games exist in a kind of superabundant app-store-verse and typically sell for a buck or less?

When 3DS sales tanked in those early months — before Nintendo wised up, dropped the price and rolled out games people wanted to play — it looked like all the prognosticating pundits might prove right.

But the 3DS in 2013 is Nintendo’s comeback story: not a Virtual…

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