First 3D-printed metal gun

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Texas firm makes world’s first 3D-printed metal gun

By Konrad Krawczyk

Published November 08, 2013

Digital Trends
  • 3D Printed Metal Gun.jpg

    Components for the first ever working 3D Printed metal gun. (SOLID CONCEPTS)

Depending on who you are, where you hail from, and where you stand on guns, 3D printing and related issues, this bit of news will either thrill and astound you, terrify you, or compel you to say “meh.”

But here goes: A company by the name of Solid Concepts has made the world’s first metal gun using a 3D printer.

Based out of Austin, Texas, the 3D-printed metal pistol made by Solid Concepts is based on the Browning 1911 firearm. Solid Concepts set out to make this gun in an effort to prove that they can make weapons that are fit for “real world applications.”

‘The industrial printer we used costs more than my college tuition (and I went to a private university).’

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