Xbox One Disc Drive Blues? Microsoft Acknowledges a ‘Very Small Number’ Are Having Problems


It should go without saying: exercise restraint when reading reports about failing Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s, because nowadays anyone with the ear of a prominent blog and a catchy cliche-phrase like “something-something-of-death” is an army of one. But yes, like Sony, which last week admitted a small percentage of PS4s weren’t fit for duty, Microsoft is itself acknowledging that a small number of users are experiencing glitches with the Xbox One.

With the PS4, the problem seems to be all-consuming, taking afflicted systems down entirely; with the Xbox One, the problem seems restricted to the Blu-ray optical drive, which users say either won’t read discs in afflicted units or makes alarming mechanical noises when you’re feeding a disc to the slot-loader. Anecdotal reports of malfunctioning systems surfaced on message boards shortly after the system went live, prompting Microsoft to issue the following statement:

The issue is affecting a…

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