The whips don’t li

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By Olly Wilkins on 19 November 2013 in Mountain Bike Freeride

Moto or MTB, it’s all the same for Andreu Lacondeguy, he just goes big.

For most mountain bike riders very few aerial manoeuvres cause such hysteria as whips. At an FMX demo I can watch riders throw absurd tricks without getting out of my seat as fast as I would when someone puts it upside-down and back-to-front.

There’s something about the movement involved, whips seem to be universally spectacular. People who don’t ride are as mind-boggled and blown away as those who do. I spend my days imitating the shapes that Moto racers make, I don’t think I’m alone with my fascination. I’m aware that none of my mountain bike attempts are quite the same size and scale… are they even whips? They don’t look the same as most Moto whips.

Let’s be honest here, the generic bog standard whip on a mountain…

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