Pollster: Transit Win Will Help Corbett

CBS Philly

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The passage of legislation to provide major new funding for roads, bridges and mass transit has given beleaguered Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett a much sought-after policy win.

Will the passage of transportation funding actually help the poll-challenged governor? Corbett hasn’t even signed the bill and Tea Partiers are already talking about trying to repeal it. But Franklin and Marshall College pollster and political analyst Terry Madonna believes the measure will go over well with moderates Corbett needs to woo, if he’s to have any chance of winning re-election next year.

“I think that’s the voters most likely that it will help him with,” Madonna says. “I mean, these are the voters who in the polls we’ve done indicate support for roads, bridges and mass transit. I think it gives the governor a narrative to take those voters in particular.”

And as for conservatives…

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