Iranians Celebrate Nuclear Deal


As news of the successful conclusion of preliminary nuclear negotiations between Iran and six nations spread through the Iranian capital Tehran early Sunday morning, reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Congratulatory notes flooded Twitter, sent and received by tech-savvy Iranians circumventing Internet firewalls put up by the government. “CONGRATULATIONS Iran back in the picture will create a diplomatic and economic tsunami,” read one popular tweet making the rounds in English. Even Iranians abroad broadcast their felicitations. “A dark decade just ended tonight in Geneva. A new era just started for #Iran,” tweeted Iranian-American TV host Negar Mortazavi.

It wasn’t just the prospect of reduced sanctions that had Iranians celebrating. As a clearly fatigued Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister and principal nuclear negotiator, posted on Facebook at 4 a.m. Geneva time, Iran felt that its right to enrich nuclear material had been preserved. “Enrichment was recognized,” he wrote, although the exact

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