‘Doctor Who’ Review: ‘The Day of the Doctor’

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Yeah, spoilers.

After endless amounts of hype, speculation, merchandise and misinformation it has finally arrived – the 50th Anniversary Special episode of Doctor Who. Broadcast 50 years to the day as the pilot episode, An Unearthly Child, appeared on BBC the episode was watched by millions of fans worldwide with the promise to reveal more about the Doctor than ever before.

The Day of the Doctor 1

Although Day of the Doctor was promising big events it surprisingly forgoes the major villains of the series to focus on character development. As indicated by the mini-episodes that preceded the broadcast this story takes place during the legendary Time War, which has oft been referenced but never revealed. What we knew going in is that a devastating war between the Time Lords and the Daleks threatened to engulf the entire universe. It fell to the Doctor to take the most drastic action – destroying his home world and…

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