Day 40: Prey

Love & Feathers & Shells

Genetically speaking, there is a reason some of us are born with sharp beaks and (even sharper) claws and others are not.

If you are lucky enough to fall into the former category, it isn’t difficult to figure out what to use these gifts for – stalking prey.

When you find some prey, the first thing you want to do is stand on top of it and grip it tightly (do this even before you know if you want it, just so you have plenty of time to decide).

Next comes the “taste test.” Here, you are evaluating both overall palatability and ease of ingestion. If both scores come back high, be sure to grip tighter.

Now that you have the prey firmly under your control and you know that you want it, you are free to work your way in towards the juiciest portions at your leisure.

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