The Absolute Grossest Way to Have Your Fortune Read


“Scatomancy” is the ancient art of reading people’s fortunes by analyzing their fecal matter. Though it’s long since been replaced by less disgusting ways to supposedly see into the future, there are still some practicing “scatomancers” that will dig your waste out of a toilet and intently analyze it as a way to predict your life’s path. S. S. Singh is one of these people.

In the new documentary A Journey to Planet Sanity, filmmaker Blake Freeman and his friend Leroy visit Singh so that Leroy can have his fecal matter read.  “So, you’re in a transition right now,” Singh told the men, according to a clip from The Huffington Post. “The nugget suggests you support a friend or family member in a project. The log shaped like a cigar suggests leadership, strength, length longevity.”

The more you know.

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