Redesigned 50th Anniversary Mustang Set For Global Launch

CBS Philly

by Jeff Gilbert

LOS ANGELES (WWJ) – Ford will unveil the long awaited, all new Mustang on December 5th.  This will not be your traditional auto show unveiling.

“Mustang is such an iconic car for us, we want to make sure that it has its own time in the sun,” said Ford Vice President of Marketing Jim Farley.

Farley said they will do a simultaneous launch in New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Shanghai, Sydney and—of course—Ford’s home in Dearborn.

“We’re launching globally,” said Farley. “So, we wanted to have an event that literally spanned the whole globe in that day.”

This is a very important launch for Ford, as it will mark the Mustang’s arrival in Europe. Ford also plans to sell the iconic car around the world.

It’s also the Mustang’s fiftieth anniversary.

Leaked photos show that the new Mustang will likely include some of Ford’s new design…

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