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CMH Bugaboos, the first heli-skiing lodge/area started by Canadian Mountain Holidays in 1965.  It’s next in our series of heli-skiing operator interviews with HELISKI.com and HeliskiingReview.com.

1.  CMH Bugaboos Lodge is “The Birthplace of Heli-Skiing” Tell us about that.

2015 represents the 50th birthday of the heli-ski industry, a pretty significant milestone indeed.  Even though the industry has changed significantly since those early days, one thing that never gets old is standing on top of those magnificent mountains, pointing your skis (or board) down the fall line, and dipping into some perfect powder turns.  Technology, skis, helicopters and accommodations may have changed, but the experience of deep powder snow in untouched mountains remains the same.  It is a gift from nature.

bugaboo peaks Bugaboos, The Birthplace of Heli Skiing

Photo courtesy of HELISKI.com 

2.  Heli-Skiing these mountains since 1965, you must be getting to know the best runs, eh?

These mountains are big and the…

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