Infinity Ways U.S. Democracy Is More Rigged Than You Think

Cubik's Rube

Cracked has an article up which might also be titled 5 Reasons You Are Not Nearly Depressed Enough About The Way The World’s Dominant Superpower Is Run. Because holy shit, you guys.

I mean, I’m aware of probably the same general stuff you are – that gerrymandering exists and filibustering is kinda crazy and it’s all one giant mess – but every so often I read something about just how screwed up it all really is, how deeply engrained the corruption has become, and the bizarre extent to which vast amounts of human endeavour are being utterly wasted on complete insanity.

And then I’m a bit sad and tired for a while. Then I feel heartened for a bit by the levels of awesomeness that could maybe someday be accomplished if all that effort were channeled into something not batshit insane and motivated by the most destructive human instincts…

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