Dominate Obstacles With 4 Climbing Exercises

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Have you failed to climb a rope or found yourself slipping off the monkey bars and falling into the mud? If so, you need to get stronger, especially in your grip, back and core.

The following four climbing exercises will address your strength needs, allowing you to conquer climbing obstacles and simultaneously make you a better overall athlete.

The Deadlift


The Deadlift increases strength in your  lower body and back. Holding a heavy bar for several reps builds grip strength and endurance, both critical for rope climbs and monkey bars.

This movement is particularly beneficial for obstacle course rope climbs, because the ropes usually have several knots in them. You can push against the knots with your legs to help you climb, similar to how you drive off the ground when performing the Deadlift.



The good old Pull-Up is one of the best exercises to help you complete monkey…

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