Why We Need a Carmilla Movie (And Who Should Be In It)

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Similar to zombies and witches, vampires are popular in today’s culture. From the animalistic villains of 30 Days of Night to the romantic heroes of Twilight and True Blood, vampires are showing up in all forms of pop culture and for all ages and genres. Both Twilight and True Blood are coming to a close, leaving us with classical approaches to vampires including Dario Argento’s film version and NBC’s television version of Bram Stoker’s famous Dracula. Dracula is one the the most reproduced stories of all time and although it’s a classic that I always enjoy, it’s not the only gothic vampire tale worth telling.

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu is a famous gothic author from the 19th Century who wrote such tales as Green Tea, Uncle Silas and Carmilla. Carmilla is the story of a family who takes in a young woman, only to discover that she is…

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