Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

Michael Bradley - Time Traveler

IQ or Intelligence Quotient measures your knowledge base against the norm.  For instance, if you are 10 but know what most 12 year olds know, your IQ would be 120, or 12/10.  Therefore, the average is roughly 100.  IQ tends to follow a bell curve with most people being roughly average.  IQ is not a measure of good manners, success, or wisdom.  When I was young I was more peculiar than now.  In Kindergarten I was doing long division and writing in cursive.  I was tested then and often, and scored 168.  I was placed in a special program, and asked to skip high school and go straight to college.  As a small boy who started Kindergarten at 4 and lived in an abusive home, the thought of having normal male desires and being 4’11” and going to college with fully developed women was more than intimidating.  Instead, I stayed…

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