Blog: For On-Time Arrivals Hawaiian Ranks First, Southwest Last

CBS Philly

By Jim Donovan: Flying anytime soon? Well if you want to arrive on-time you’re best bet is to fly Hawaiian Airlines (I wish I could fly to Hawaii) or Delta. According to the Department of Transportation they had the best on-time performance for September. Southwest did the worst. Here are the rankings:

1. Hawaiian Airlines, 95.5 percent
2. Delta Air Lines, 90.3 percent
3. Endeavor Air, 88.8 percent
4. US Airways, 88.3 percent
5. Alaska Airlines, 87.6 percent
6. AirTran Airways, 86.8 percent
7. Virgin America, 84.9 percent
8. United Airlines, 84.6 percent
9. Mesa Airlines, 84.6 percent
10. American Airlines, 83.7 percent
11. ExpressJet, 83.4 percent
12. SkyWest Airlines, 83.2 percent
13. JetBlue Airways, 83.1 percent
14. American Eagle, 82.2 percent
15. Frontier Airlines, 76.9 percent
16. Southwest Airlines, 76.3 percent

Average of all U.S. airlines: 83.8 percent

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation

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