Black Friday is Looming

Rhetoric for Breakfast

Here in the good ol’ States, we’re getting ready for our Thanksgiving holiday. A time for people to sit with family and friends, consume far more food than any one person should in a single sitting, and then spend the rest of the day unable to get off of the couch, or even reach the remote to change the channel to anything other than football. I’d probably be more okay with this whole endeavor if it was a day of non-stop hockey programming, but, hey, it’s sportsball, and I’ve got that guy trait of “There’s a ball, I must watch” going on. It’s kind of like men are along a slightly different developmental path as most dogs (and I’m not even going to begin to pretend that men are the more advanced of the two).

Of course, not only does the holiday mean family and food consumption and football (the…

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