NJ Girl’s Board Game Idea Wins Big In NFL Sponsored Contest

CBS Philly

By Ian Bush

VINELAND, N.J. (CBS) – A South Jersey girl is looking to shake up family game night with a board game that’s anything but boring. In fact, even the NFL is taking notice:

“When they were going to announce the winner, I had my fingers crossed behind my back for good luck,” eight-year-old Sarah Hullihen said.

She didn’t need luck to take the grand prize in the NFL Play 60 Invention Contest — her game ‘Make it to the Top’ is just that good:

“It’s kind of like Candy Land, but with exercises — not the candy,” she explains.

To move your piece on the board, game cards direct you to get movin’:

“If you do 15 jumping jacks in 20 seconds, you get to move three spaces,” says Sarah.

The NFL and By Kids For Kids Company came up with the competition for a way to keep…

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