Bing Slamet

Bing Slamet

Bing Slamet

Bing Slamet ( born in Cilegon , Banten , 27 September 1927 – died in Jakarta , 17 September 1974 at the age of 46 years) who was born by the name of Ahmad Syech Albar is one of the Indonesian comedy maestros of his time with KWARTET JAYA, a group of Bing Slamet, Ateng, Iskak and Eddy Sud. His name is actually first flutter when joining Eka Sapta music group that began in 1963, with some well-known names such as Yamin Wijaya, Ireng Maulana, Itje Kumaunang, Benny Mustapha, and Idris Sardi. In addition he also played in a lot of comedy films in the era of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

His father was a paramedic named Rintrik Achmad. Bing Slamet seemed born entertainers entertain anyone in charge. Future happiness and laughter is displayed Bing services in any occasion including entertaining fighters to Indonesia around the period between 1942-1945. Behind the radio microphone mouthpiece, Bing and even appeared as an agitator who dispels the colonialists encouraged fighters.

Since 1939 at the age of 12 years, Bing Slamet has been supporting the Orkes Terang Bulan lead by Husin Kasimun . Extraordinary artistic talent began to be seen here. A year before the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Bing joined the theater group PANTJA WARNA.
Apparently, art is a world that embraced Bing Slamet . He even rejected the wishes of his parents longing for her beloved son to become a doctor or engineer. Although had received his bench Pasundan HIS, Tirtayasa HIS, Sjugakko , and STM Pertambangan. Bing was choose to devoted to art .
Bing Slamet then joined by the Division I Brawijaya as line-up of comforter. Here, the ability to make music and comedy starting honed. As selfless, Bing and willing to be placed anywhere in the city. Bing is starting to get Radio Republik Indonesia ( RRI ) and then placed in Yogyakarta and Malang. He also had joined Radio Perjuangan Jawa Barat.
In 1949 , for the first time Bing Slamet baritone voice graced the soundtrack of the film Menanti Kasih which was launched with a star Mohammad Said, Ahmad Hamid Arief and Nila Djuwita .
His career in the field of singing actually dashed when entering the world of radio. In RRI , Bing Slamet absorb knowledge and experience of the musician Iskandar and keroncong famous musicians M.Sagi, as well as other musical friends like Sjaifoel Bachrie, Soetedjo, and Ismail Marzuki. And , a lot of influence it is singer Sam Saimun had known since served in Yogyakarta in 1944. For Bing , Sam Saimun singer was a role model figure. There was so many people who called Bing vocal timbre is very similar to Sam Saimun.

Bing Slamet is an admirer of Bing Crosby. Bing Slamet was very impressed at the world ‘s entertainer, then slipped Bing name in front of his own name .
For his dedication in the field of arts, on June 10, 1972 he was received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Governor of Jakarta, Ali Sadikin.

Bing Slamet Dukun Palsu (Safari Sinar Sakti Film 1973) one of my favorite films.

On Tuesday, december 17, 1974 at 14:50 , Bing breathed his last at his friend Eddy Sud house in Jakarta. With the accompaniment of sobs thousands people’s. Bing to deliver his final resting place in TPU Karet Bivak Jakarta. To remember him Titiek Puspa created song called Bing.

May God bless you, Master.


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