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First of all, I owe Edward Snowden an apology. I dismissed him as a publicity-seeking nutjob when his initial accusations of government spying hit the media. Heh, heh, whoops. My mistake.

The latest news on those sneaky weasels at the National Security Agency (NSA) is that they’ve hacked into the overseas data centers of Google and Yahoo. Okay, who are these boobs? And are they part of the same government that can’t build a healthcare website? They are, but let’s be fair: would you rather be James Bond or Barnaby Jones? Me, too.

No one’s going to spend time on mundane stuff like insurance when there are constitutions to skirt and intrigues to plan. Espionage is a mighty temptress. Coding a crummy webpage is mind-numbing when compared to the thrill of tiptoeing, undetected, past the legendary security of Google. That, my intrepid friends, is irresistible.

In one 30-day period alone…

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